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"Litigating from Los Angeles to London

and Worldwide"

Nicholas Connon Co-Instructing Program Virtually At Indiana University Regarding The United Arab Emirates And Its Public Policy And Legal Systems

Nicholas Connon is co-instructing graduate students and upper class undergraduates of the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University about the United Arab Emirates, its history and culture, its governmental and institutional structures and its public policy and legal systems.  The course of study was to culminate with travel to the UAE by the students and instructors.  However, because of the COVID-19 crisis, the travel component of the course in 2020 was suspended.  Instead, Mr. Connon and Professor Beth Cate of Indiana University are completing the program virtually with the students, and they are coordinating virtual events with many guest speakers from the Gulf region to engage with the students.  It is the intent that this UAE Program will be an annual program at Indiana University to provide students with an understanding of the Gulf Arab region, and the Middle East more generally, and the public policies and institutional and legal systems in the region.  In the future, post-COVID-19, the UAE Program will also provide exposure through travel to the UAE during the spring break period so that students may engage with the many wonderful individuals and professionals who work and live in the region.